Suctions, Vaporizers & Connectors

Foot Operated Suction Pump

GM 1001

It is accepted as one of the most reliable & effective mobile pumps. By simply compressing and releasing the bellows, a partial vacuum is produced and transferred over the bottle to the suction tube. A partial vacuum of 210mm of is obtained after a single compression & release of the bellows and after a few more cycles, the maximum of 300mm og Hg is obtained. The rate of pumping required is slow, approximately once every three seconds. In an emergency, should the bottle overfill, the pump will continue unaffected. Fluids will be ejected through an overflow outlet on the top cap of the bottle and also on th top of the bellows. Use of the catheter holder enables the vacuum to be controlled to a maximum of 190mm of Hg. If the aperture is closed merely by holding a finger on it, the maximum vacuum possible is raised to 300mm of Hg.
Dim (cms) : 20 x 22 x 12
Wt. (gms) : 1200
Capacity (ml) : 500
Max Vac (mm of Hg) : 300
Jar : Polycabonate, Unbreakable

Hand Suction Unit 100 ml Capacity GM 1102

Hand Suction Unit 40 ml Capacity GM 1101

The Hand Suction are suits are suitable for mucous extraction or to supplement general resuscitation techniques where comprehensive suction facilities are not available. The containers are unbreakable and transparent, permittimg immediate visual examination of the aspirate.

Goldman Halothane Vaporizer

GM 4002
Without stand & adaptors – for use only with Anaesthesia Apparatus.
GM 4001
With stand, adaptors & oxygen tubing with plug-in mount for general use.
The Goldman Halothane Vaporizer is designed to limit the maximum concentration of Halothane Vapour to 3% by volume, irrespective of the total gas flow through the unit. Adustment is made by means of a ratchet type control valve. The Glass Jar is screwed onto the body and can be quickly detached for easy filling. The Vaporizer is also suitable for use with Trichloroethylene in low concentrations. 

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