Pipeline Accessories

Vacuum Regulators

GM 1203 – 0 to 760mm Hg. GM 1230 – 0 to 200mm Hg. GM 1220 – 0 to 500mm Hg range of vacuum regulators represents the ultimate in vacuum control. High (0-760mm Hg), Medium (0-500mm Hg) & Low suction (0-200mm Hg). These cover all the medical central pipeline applications of the operation theatres & wards. The regulator comprises of a polymer body which houses an ON/OFF lever, an adjustable knob at the front, a large diaphragm for accurate suction control and a vacuum gauge with different scales depending on model 760, 500 & 200. The ON/OFF lever allows the operator to start or stop suction by turning the lever, with the adjustable knob, the operator can set the amount of vacuum necessary. The medium & low volume regulators have a safety valve set to open between 450 & 475mm Hg for medium suction and between 150 & 175mm Hg for low suction.

Vacuum units (w/o regulators)

GM 1250 – 600ml
GM 1201 – 1000ml
GM 1202 – 2000ml
GM 1260 – 4000ml
Vacuum units are available in 600, 1000, 2000 & the new 4000ml capacity. The jars are made of polycarbonate, practically unbreakable, shatter resistant and autoclavable at 1340 c. ABS is used for other components to withstand  hard usage and provide trouble free service over a long period of time. A stainless steel bracket is provided on the cap as a separate component and not as an integral part of the cap to avoid the cap breaking, when the jar gets filled with suction fluids. The bracket fits directly on the mounting bracket on the wall. A well proven fluid control trap fitted on the unit automatically and efficiently shuts off vacuum fully, preventing the transfer of liquid to the vacuum regulator, pipeline and pump.

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