Gas Anaesthesia Apparatus Components & Accessories

Change Over Unit

Set comprises : 15mm Corrugated Plastic Hose X 3.2 mtrs (GM 2038), 2 Port Paedi Wye (GM 2063), 15mm/22mm Angle Mount (GM 9004), 22mm Female Catheter Mount X 2 (GM 9008) & Paediatric Water Trap (GM 2706) x 2.

Emergency Oxygen Unit

GM 3606
Incorporates a non-return valves assembly along with a button for flushing the circuit with oxygen in emergencies.

Non Return Valve Assembly

GM 3603
Blows of when pressure 200cms of water column thus minimizing the risk of back flow of gases.

O2 Failure Alarm – for Gas Anaesthesia Apparatus

GM 3607
A battery operated pnuemtically controlled device which activates an audio alarm for about fifteen seconds when oxygen pressure in the system falls to approximately 4.2kg/cm2

Goldman Halothane Vaporizer – w/o stand

GM 4002
Drawover type, designed to limit the maximum concentration of Halothane vapour to3% by volume irrespective of the total gas flow through the unit. Adjustment is made by means of a ratchet type control valve. The glass jar is screwed on to the body and can be quickly detached for easy filling. The vaporizer is also suitable for use trichloethylene in low concentrations.

Preset Regulator

GM 3625 – oxygen GM 3626 – Nitrous Oxide 
For use with anaesthesia apparatus only. Outlets have non-return valves to avoid back flow of gases. Safety valve is incorporated in the unit. Hence no necessity no safety valve in the tubing between the regulator and the rotameter unit.


Cut Off Regulator

GM 3629
To activate Nitrous Oxide Regulators only when Oxygen Regulators are pressurized, thereby minimizing the risk of administering Nitrous Oxide in the absence of Oxygen. Safety valve incorporated in the unit. Hence no necessity of safety valve in the tubing between the regulator & the rotameter unit.

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