Fracture Management

We are a world leader in the supply of high quality orthopedic products manufacturing innovative and cost effective solutions for strains, sprains and fractures. Our products are known for their quality and value at hospitals and treatment centers that include:-

  • PLASTO - Plaster of Paris Bandages & Splinting – in Rolls and Slabs
  • GOLDCAST - Synthetic Casting :- Fibre Glass and Polyester
  • SOFWRAP - Viscose Soft Cast Roll and Synthetic Soft Cast Roll
  • CLINIPLAST - Elastic Adhesive Bandage
  • WINFIX - Tubular Bandages
  • CLININET - Stockinette
  • WINPRESS - Multi Layer Compression Bandages
  • Casting Accessories: Cast Saw, Cast Scissors, Casting Instruments, Cast Shoes,etc.


Excellent Moulding
Superior multi-directional stretch given excellent moulding on curved area.

Smooth Finish
High quality knitted substrate and special resin formula provides smooth surface and clean and strong end lamination.

Cost Effectiveness
Savings from less number of rolls needed and less re-casting due to breakage result in a cost comparable to POP bandage.

Choice of Fiberglass and non- Fiberglass Substrate
For those who prefer benefits of non- Fiberglass casting, high quality polyester-based casting tape is available.

Plus usual benefits of synthetic casting tape;
Lightweight, Strength and Durability, Air-permeability and X-ray transparency.

Special Raschel 2 Bar weaved fabric and specially formulated resin provides Excellent Moulding and Smooth Finish.

How to Use

  • Apply a stockinette and a cast padding over the desired area to be cast.
  • Wear protective gloves.
  • Immerse WinCast in water for 1-2 seconds.
  • Squeeze the tape gently to remove excess water.
  • Warp the desired area with the tape.

Do not apply tightly.Moulding and formimg should be one at this time. Setting time is approximately 3-5 minutes. Functional strength will be achieved in 20 minutes.

Product Information

WinCast Standard Casting Tape
Description Size
WinCast 2” 5.1 cm X 3.6m
WinCast 3” 7.6 cm X 3.6m
WinCast 4” 10.2 cm X 3.6m
WinCast 5” 12.7 cm X 3.6m
WinCast 6” 15.2 cm X 3.6m

WinCast Soft Semi-Rigid Casting Tape Same size colors as WinCast available Fiberglass or polyester available

Available substrate : Fiberglass or Polyester Available colors : White Green Blue Pink Yellow Orange