Operation Theatre Products

In hospital departments, the use of disposable products effectively prevents the transmission of bacteria and reduces the risk of cross infection. GOLDWIN offers a wide range of modern disposable products for patients and medical staff. When used consistently, these products contribute to improved hygiene in many areas of the hospital.

A diverse range of safe and reliable drapes for every surgical procedure, gowns, masks, caps including a washing glove, a bib, a mask, sheets, room spray air freshener for wards, day rooms, waiting rooms, toilets etc


Medical Disposable (DRAPES)
Nurse's Cap Small 100's
Medium 100's
Large 100's
Surgeon's Cap   & Bouffant Caps Elastic 100's
Tie 100's
Surgeon's Hood   100's  
Face Mask 2 Layered with Strings 100's
3 Layered with Strings 100's
Isolation Gown Medium 100 's
Large 100 's
Surgeon's Gown (Sontara/Dexter/J&J Type) Large  100 's
Sheet  240 x 110 cms 100 's
Pillow Cover 70 x 40 cms 100 's
Shoe Cover Large 100 's
Bibs Drapes Bib 40 x 45 cms 100's
Bib 40 x 65 cms 100's
Bib 60 x 60 cms 100's
Bib 50 x 60 cms with  catch pocket  100's
Bibs holder - CLIP 100's
Maternity Set Sterile   1 Set
Bed Sheet Waterproof
Size: 135 x 80cm 1 pc
Apron waterproof 1 pc
Napkin Highly Adsorbent
Size: 90 x 60 cms 1 pc
Drape for Baby
Size: 80 x 70 cms 1 pc
Drape under Instrument
Size : 80 x 70 1 pc
Tampons 5 pcs
Napkins 20 x 20 cms 6 pcs
Surgery Set Sterile     1 Set
Face Mask 2 pcs
Forest Cap with tie tapes 1 pc
Astro 1 pc
Surgical gown 1 pc 
Surgical Drapes  Drapes 40 x 40 cms 100's
Drapes 70 x 100 cms 100's
Drapes 100 x 100 cms   100's
Hospital Bed Sheets with Hospital Pillow Cover  Hospital Bed Sheets : 240 x 100 cms  with Set
Hospital Pillow Cover : 70 x 40 cms 
Towels – Bleached Bath - 140 x 70 cms Pc
Hand - 90 x 70 cms Pc
Face – 30 x 30 cms  Pc
All kinds of Drapes viz:- Incise Drapes, Orthopaedic Drapes, Fenestrated Drape, Gynaec Drape, Laproscopy Drape etc;
Maternity Kits
Cesarean Kits
HIV (Aids)Kit
Surgeons Isolation Kits
Surgeon’s O.T. Kit
New Born Baby Kit
Disposable Examination Gloves Powdered/Non Powdered  
Surgeons Gloves (Sterile & Non Sterile)    
Disposable Kidney Trays    
Hospital Wipes/Swipes    
Hospital Linen    
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