Pipeline Accessories

Twin Carry Vacuum Unit with stand

GM 1300
Ste comprises : 2000ml Ward Vacuum units X 2 (GM 1202), Vacuun Regulator Model 760 (GM 1203), & Twin Carry Vacuum Stand (GM 1285)

Light but sturdy, stainless steel stand to accommodate two 2000ml jars with a vacuum regulator to easily carry from one place to another as & when required. Specially useful in operation theatres & wards in hospitals and nursing homes.
The regulator comprises of a polymer body which houses an ON/OFF lever, an adjustable knob at the front, a large diaphragm for accurate suction control and a vacuum gauge with different scales depending on modle 760, 500 & 200. The ON/OFF lever allows the operation to start or stop suction by turning the lever, with the adjustable knob, the operator can set the amount of vacuum necessary. The medium & low volume regulatirs have a safety valve set to open between 450 & 475mm Hg for medium suction and between 150 & 175 mm Hg for low suction.

Safety Jar

GM 1263
The safety Jar comprises of a cap with well proven fluid control trap and an autoclavable polycarbonate clear jar. T is fitted between the primary vacuum units and the vacuum regulator to protect the system from aspirated fluids entering the regulator, pipeline and pump.
In the interest of greater safety & efficiency, we have specially designed the unit for this purpose and to fall in line with international practice.

Theatre Vacuum Unit with Trolly

GM 1200
Set comprises : 4000ml Vacuum units x 2 (GM 1260), Vacuum Regulator Model 760 (GM 1203), Safety Jar with overflow safety device (GM 1263) & Theatre Trolley (GM 1264)
The basic trolley consist of a stand on four castor wheels; very stable and provided with an easy grip handle for convenient transportability. It is suitable for two 400ml capacity suction units, a high/medium/low vacuum regulator & a safety jar fitted with an overflow safety device.

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