Rehabilitation Aids

Arm Sling

Presentation: Available in small, Midium, Large and Extra Large Size.

Rib Belt

  • A universal rib belt for men and women. Anatomically contoured to give a comfortable fit.
  • Fine elastic webbing allows chest expansion for breathing while supporting the rib cage.
  • Reduces discomfort cause by sudden rip cage expansion from deep breathing, coughing, or sneezing during recovery from rib injuries.
  • Made of ventilated elastic. Washable cold water with mild detergent.

Presentation: Available in small, Midium, Large and Extra Large Size.

Shoulder / Arm Support

  • For the post-operative immobilization of the shoulder and upper arm; Also for severe distortions or fractures in the region of the shoulder and upper arm, rupture of the acromioclavicular joint, rotator injuries, shoulder luxation and impingement syndrome;
  • Unique chest strap immobilized the upper arm eliminating the need for a humeral cuff; Chest strap fits both female and shoulder strap and forearm cuff may be placed in desired position;

Presentation: Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Sizes.

Skin Traction Kit

VIATACARE Foot/Skin Traction Kit is used as a below knee traction.
The skin traction strips provide maximum aeration to the skin while securely attaching its center extremity to the spreader at foot-end. The foam strip is fastened to the leg with simple pressure of an “Elastic Bandage”.

Instructions For Application:

  • Apply strip from one end of knee round the foot to the opposite end of the knee.
  • Leave loop space at food-end of the leg.
  • Insert spreader inside this loop space.
  • Wrap ‘Bandage’ on the strip.
  • Tie cord on spreader nose and pass the cord through the pulley and then hang the weight.
  • Do not exceed more than 3 Kgs. Weight.


(with low allergy adhesive)

Foot / Skin Traction Kit

Presentation: One size fits to all. Available types are in Regular, Deluxe and Adhesive. “Bandage” to be procured by the user. The “Elastic Bandage” Will not be supplied with this kit.

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