Rehabilitation Aids

Cervical Collar

Soft Cervical Collar is made of high density foam, covered with cotton stockinette, with a contoured cut for the chin. Resilient foam gives gentle support. Covered with soft cotton knit fabric for comfort and to prevent irritation. Also used as a night collar for sleeping.

Designed to provide comfortable immobilization with out the harsh uncomfortable firmness. Support laminated with foam for comfort and covered with soft cotton knit fabric. Air vents to prevent irritation and allow ventilation.

Vistacare cervical plus has an additional plastic reinforcement with busses for better immobilization and air circulation.

Presentation: Available in
- Small
- Medium and
- Large sizes

Ankle Wrap

  • Ankle support with stabilizing strap, anatomically sewn. The sewn-on strap is passed around ankle in a figure of eight and attached with Velcro fastener. It offers excellent compression around the ankle, can be used either right or left ankle and can be worn inside the shoes.

  • Supports and eases the ankle joint after distortions, contusion, capsular ligament lesions, also postoperatively (e. g. following suture of fibular ligament rupture) as well as in rehabilitation, also in cases of chronic ligament instability. Also in mild ankle sprains and prevention of ankle sprain during activities of daily living.

Presentation: Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra large sizes.

Knee Brace


Presentation: Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Sizes.

Elastic Knee Support
  • An excellent elastic knee support. Elasticity is retained for long period of time. Effective Athletic support for rheumatic or arthritic pain.
  • Can be adjusted to give loose or firm support.

Elastic Knee Cap

Presentation: Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Size.

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